Product Informaion

Q: is there room to adjust the sweetness of the wawa peanut brittle?

A: because the wawa peanut brittle’s crispy texture comes from using maltose sugar in order for our candymaker to repeatedly stretch and layer the brittle to 512 layers with out any additives or preservitives, so the appropriate amount of sugar is needed to extend the shelf life of our wawa peanut brittle. if you are worried about the sweetness, we recommend choosing our light sugar flavor wawa peanut brittle.


Shipping methods

Current international shipping to: hong kong and singapore only

Q: if i am planning to visit taiwan can it be delivered to my hotel

cheerful candy at this time does not have a physical store: all orders can be made from our official website. if you have confirmed your flight and hotel location or you are located in taiwan already, you can place your orders for wawa peanut brittle online at our official website.  please leave in the remarks your arrival and departure dates, hotel address, or the address you are located at. we will ship freshly made to order wawa peanut brittle to your location.  whether your order  will be eaten in taiwan or taken home as a souvenir to loved ones, either way is a perfect choice.


Q: Is there free domestic shipping

Any order above $1,400 ntd will have no shipping cost any order below $1,400 ntd will be charged a $100 ntd shipping, all shipping to outer islands will have additional charges.


Payment methods

cheerful candy offers 4 payment methods

  1. online payment by credit card
  2. pick up and payment at convenience store (7-11, family mart, hi life etc )
  3. payment by atm online transfer in store
  4. line pay
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